National program meant to promote local cleantech initiatives worldwide launches new marketing apps

Ram Hadar
Published: 02.26.13, 06:55 / Israel Environment

The Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry’s national cleantech promotion program has launched a new initiative meant to promote cleantech initiatives worldwide.

The new tool in the ministry’s kit is an app that showcases the projects from development to application stages, in a manner that allows potential investors to see Israeli innovations at work.

The companies themselves can use the app as one of their marketing tools.

The “CleanTech in the making” map, created by Israel NewTech – the national program aimed at promoting Israel’s water and sustainable energy sectors – seeks to present investors with the Israeli industries achievements on water, agriculture, renewable and sustainable energy and the environment.

Israel NewTech’s Facebook application has already gotten over 2,000 visitors, mostly from the United States and India.

The maps are fully interactive, and according to Adi Yefet Beeri of Israel NewTech, it was created “as a marketing tool meant to highlight the Israeli industries’ capabilities and the fact that they are world leaders in their fields.”

Another app, called “Mapped in Israel,” includes, so far, 907 Israeli start-up companies, the majority of which are from the cleantech and greentech industries.

“It was important to me to illustrate how Israel is a real start-up nation,” Ben Lang, a young developer who came up with the app, told Ynet. “It will help investors see what their next investment could be, not just read about it.”,7340,L-4348348,00.html