Infamously polluted river to be rehabilitated in project funded by companies that polluted it, Canada’s EnGlobe. Project to be concluded by 2015

Chen Pundak, Calcalist
Published: 03.10.13

The Kishon River, which is infamously known as Israel’s most polluted body of water, will soon undergo a massive rehabilitation project.

The project, estimated at NIS 220 million (roughly $60 million) will be headed by Canada’s EnGlobe, one of the country’s biggest environmental services companies; which beat 20 other companies bidding for the project.

The majority of the funding will come from the various companies responsible for the contamination, local authorities and the State.

The project will see the contaminated soil removed from the Kishon’s riverbed. Special EnGlobe barges will dredge the soil, which will then undergo a unique biological process before it is reused to build the river banks.

Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan said that, “This is an historic project. The public will get back its large metropolitan park, instead of the most polluted river in Israel.

“The dream of restoring the Kishon is becoming a reality, and soon the public will be able to sail, fish, and to relax on the banks of the Kishon, and to enjoy a river that belongs first of all to the citizens.”

The Kishon’s restoration project is scheduled to conclude in 2015.,7340,L-4351320,00.html