Activists in the Carmel region continue to protest the construction of a second plant of its kind in their area.

As gas from the Tamar reservoir flows into the Ashdod reception facility through a 160-kilometer pipe, activists in the Carmel region continue to protest the construction of a second such plant in their area – which is much closer to the reservoir itself.

The 250-billion-cubicmeter reservoir, capable of supplying the country with gas for the next 25 years, is about 90 km. off the shore of Haifa. Government officials want to establish a reception facility in this region not only due to its proximity to the reservoir, but also to create redundancy in the natural gas system in case one plant fails.

On Tuesday, members of the Yokneam Youth Movement announced that after meeting with members of the Carmel Menashe environmental protection organization – which is fighting the facility’s planned establishment in the Hagit area – the youth movement had decided on Friday to join the struggle.

On Sunday night, a statement from the youth movement said its members met with Yokneam Mayor Simon Alfasi and city officials, who agreed to fight against the construction of the facility as well.

The government plans to put the facility within 800 meters of homes in the region, the statement noted.

“There cannot be gas facilities just 800 m. from residents,” Alfasi told the movement members. “The Hagit gas facility will not happen.”

Just before Passover, Carmel Menashe – which is coordinating the protest efforts for the entire region – petitioned the High Court of Justice against the National Council for Planning and Building, the Energy and Water Ministry, the government and a number of local and regional councils, over their decision to continue promoting the site at Hagit. The High Court has given the respondents until April 18 to reply, the movement said.

“We grew up in a green Yokneam, and we will do everything possible so that we can raise our children in a green and clean environment without pollution,” said Yokneam Youth Movement member Yossi Dray. “This is not a cliché, but really something for which we will fight.”