Israeli technology that relies on the sun to distil water for drinking and agriculture targets populations in developing countries.
By Reuters | Jun.04, 2013

An Israeli company is hoping its solar-powered water distiller will help solve two of the world’s most pressing problems – water scarcity and water pollution.

A prototype in the desert near the Dead Sea is turning dirty and salty water into water you can drink, and it’s making Dr. Ronald Silver from SunDwater very proud.

“We feel we have a, really a world-changing, revolutionary invention,” he says. “Our solution is completely green, requires no infrastructure, is run on solar power and has the ability, through our proprietary design changes, to create distilled, pure water in yields that heretofore have never been achieved, to make it an economically feasible model.”

And with water shortages affecting every continent in the world, it’s little surprise there is strong international interest in this solar-powered solution.