ClimBEco PhD course “From Local to Global: Political Ecology, Natural Resource Conflicts and Environmental Peacebuilding”

This Spring term from 10-14 March, Lund University will offer an intensive and exciting PhD course at the ClimBEco Graduate Research School, a research school that promotes young scientists to engage in interdisciplinary research on climate, earth system and society in a changing world. The course will be given in English. The main course teacher and organiser will be Dr. Joshka Wessels from the Department of Political Science, Lund University. High profile guest lecturers will give state-of-the-art presentations and seminars on a variety of topics dealing with local and global environmental governance. The course will consist of 11 sessions, including four interactive seminars where students engage in group work. The course is open to Ph.D. students from all disciplinary backgrounds. B.A. and M.A. students as well as post-doctoral fellows are more than welcome to participate as guests.

The course is particularly designed to be accessible for students from very different backgrounds, including different natural science disciplines. Therefore, the introduction of key political concepts and international relations theories will include some elementary aspects. Students with a more advanced theoretical background in political science will nonetheless benefit from the application of these concepts and theories in a series of simulations and interactive sessions.

Please note that funding for travel and accommodation can only be provided to students from the ClimBEco graduate research school.

Please apply for participation by 28th February 2014 by sending an e-mail to stating name, student number, university, faculty and status (Ph.D. student or different). Welcome!

With highest regards,

Joshka Wessels (PhD)
Post Doctoral Researcher in Peace & Conflict Studies
Department of Political Science
Lund University, Sweden