Environmental Protection Ministry investigates production of dangerous chemical preparations and pesticides by Or Hayeshua factory.

Inspectors from the Environmental Protection Ministry’s Green Police raided a Kiryat Gat factory over the weekend that was allegedly producing dangerous pesticides and marketing forbidden chemical preparations to the public.

The weekend raid occurred at the Or Hayeshua factory, which the Environment Ministry says was producing pirate pesticide products that pose a risk to public health. During the operation, inspectors uncovered hundreds of kilograms of dangerous toxins and pesticides that were unlicensed yet ready for sale across the country. In addition, the business was functioning without a license at the former site of the closed-down Chimgat 2000 plant, the ministry said.

The illegal products in question included bottles of “TheBugger” spray and “Effective” spray and powder under the Chimgat label, all of which were ready for shipment to Israeli stores.

“The factory operates without a toxins license, and as noted, the materials produced there have no license from the ministry,” a statement from the ministry said.

In addition to opening a criminal investigation of the facility, the Environmental Protection Ministry has ordered that Or Hayeshua collect its products from stores, stressing that they are hazardous for use and marketed against the law.

“These products even contain materials that are suspected to be carcinogenic, and domestic use is likely to lead to disaster,” the Environment Ministry warned.