The sixth environmental conference for university youth began Monday in Hurghada under the slogan “Be modernized… and environment friendly”.

The conference is set to highlight the role of youth in sustainable development. It aims at collaborating Arab youth’s efforts in sustaining the environment, training youth for environmental activities in their schools and clubs and collaborating between international organizations and youth unions.

According to Enass Nagy, the event’s media coordinator, 32 universities from 16 Arab and African countries will be attending.

Topics to be discussed include sustainable consumption, the reduction and recycling of daily waste, the use of environmental friendly products and their marketing, green economy and green upbringing. Also on the agenda are such issues as how an environmental management system can provide for youth’s needs, and how to deal with environmentally-detrimental behaviors.

In addition, the conference will highlight the role of the media in promoting sustainable lifestyles for youth.

This will comprise eight workshops, an awareness campaign and field work in the governorate that serves the environment and society.

The conference is a collaboration between the Egyptian Ministry of Youth, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), the Egyptian Authority for Tourism revitalization, and the Arab Union for Youth and the Environment. It’s slated to run from 14-19 April.

The Arab Union for Youth and the Environment is one of five youth unions affiliated to the Arab League.