RAMALLAH, May 7, 2014 – (WAFA) – Jerusalem Water Undertaking and the German Government signed Wednesday a €8.8 agreement to support the water loss reduction Program.

The agreement was signed by Minister of Planning Mohammad Abu Ramadan, Head of Water Authority Shaddad Attili, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Jerusalem Water Undertaking Fawzi al-‘Abed, all representing the Palestinian side, and KFW Development Bank Office in the Palestinian Territories Thomas Eisenbach.

Under the agreement, the German government will offer financial support in order to reduce water losses in the West Bank, including C Area, and East Jerusalem.

Abu Ramadan underscored the importance of this agreement noting that the German government and the Jerusalem Water Undertaking would contribute €8 million and €800 thousands in financial aid for the project.

He added that the agreement would contribute to enhancing the quality of services offered to Palestinian citizens through reducing water losses and support the sustainable management of water sources through developing infrastructure that would improve living conditions and water resources in Palestine.

Underscoring the vital contribution of this agreement to leveraging water sector in Palestine, ‘Attili was hopeful that more projects would be implemented in the field of water.

Eisenbach stated that this agreement was signed in the framework of promoting German Palestinian cooperation, highlighting the Palestinian government’s transparency and integrity in managing development projects.

In 2013 the German government had offered €55 million 40% of which had been earmarked for supporting water and sanitation sector.