Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc) today announced that all service stations in the Enoc/Eppco network are now providing the ultra-low sulphur ‘Green Diesel.’

This follows the UAE Federal Cabinet decree aimed at raising the UAE’s standards of diesel fuel from 500ppm to 10ppm, whereby all commercial diesel vehicles and equipment motorists are to use the ultra-low-sulphur diesel that matches Euro 5 standards. The decree has been aimed at promoting the UAE’s environmental sustainability by limiting pollution.

As of July 1, all Enoc’s retail and commercial service stations offer ‘Green Diesel’ with service station staff advising customers on the need to shift to the new diesel fuel. The response to the launch of ‘Green Diesel’ at the Enoc/Eppco service stations has been extremely positive.

Green Diesel is more sustainable because it has only 10ppm of sulphur compared to 500ppm in the diesel used in the region. Diesel is graded by its sulphur content as a general rule as removing it implies a reduction in particulate matters and pollutants. Therefore, using 10ppm diesel leads to lower emissions, and cleaner air quality.

The environment-friendly fuel is distributed by Enoc in accordance with the regulation by the Emirates Authority for Standards & Metrology, the UAE’s sole standardization body, to reduce motor vehicle pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and promote environmental sustainability.

Set by the European Union, the Euro 5 standard diesel ensures that emissions from vehicles are limited and are significantly less than emissions when using conventional fuels.