Friends of the Earth Middle East

The following are short briefs that describe several cross border environment and or water “Pollution Havens” that are being “Held Hostage” to the conflict and need urgent solutions, lest they become acute public health issues in the near future. For links to each see

Environment Held Hostage – Al Minya Landfill

Environment Held Hostage – Baka al Gharbiya and Baka al Sharkiya / Hadera Stream

Environment Held Hostage – The Northern Gaza Emergency Sewage Treatment (NGEST) Project

Environment Held Hostage – Kidron / Wadi Nar Stream

The Failure of the Joint Water Committee

Near Collapse – Collapse of the Coastal Aquifer and the Water Crisis in Gaza

Near Collapse – Dead Sea

Pollution Havens – Mesila Industrial Zone

Pollution Havens – Hebron Industrial Zone

Pollution Knows No Borders – The Hebron Be’er Sheva Wadi Gaza Stream

Pollution Knows No Borders – Lower Jordan River

Pollution Knows No Borders -12 Cross Border Streams