In attempt to curb illegal waste dumping throughout the capital, the Jerusalem Municipality is soon to be training officers how to be more vigilant in enforcing against such activity.

A pilot course on the subject, which would initially train 25 environmental agents in the city’s waste disposal enforcement department, is to begin in November and to be run by a former senior Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) officer. The goals of the course, according to the municipality, will be to empower them in conducting proper environmental enforcement, as well as train additional inspectors later on.

Operating under the Environmental Enforcement Law, the department’s inspectors already are working to identify and treat illegal waste dumping issues associated with building and excavation sites, the municipality said. In an effort to streamline the enforcement process, however, the city said its leaders decided to launch the vocational course and educate inspectors about their specific authorities and duties as set forth by law. As part of the course, they will practice investigating, acting and dealing with suspects, the municipality added.

In addition to opening the course, the waste disposal enforcement department has converted two spaces into interrogation rooms, equipped with cameras and recording devices to document investigations, the city said.

During their patrols, the inspectors will have the authority to demand identification from any person, and they will be able to search any place in which an environmental crime is suspected, the municipality explained.

“The inspectors are working against a grave phenomenon of polluting open spaces with construction waste,” a statement from the city said.

“All this, in order to continue to preserve Jerusalem as a beautiful city that is free of garbage and various pollutants.”