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Heinrich Böll Foundation, represented through its offices in Ramallah, Beirut, Tunis, and Rabat in cooperation with the International Union for Conservation of Nature / Regional Office for West Asia (IUCN ROWA), will be hosting a regional Autumn School “Natural Resource Rights in the Arab Middle East and North Africa” in Amman, Jordan from November 23 – 27, 2014.

Securing human rights, livelihoods, and a decent standard of living through sustainable use of nature and resources can only be achieved if we work on reconnecting ecological sustainability, social justice, and democracy. Resource exploitation, the way it is currently conducted, “ignores ecosystem integrity and basic human rights; people are disempowered and human rights are sacrificed for an economic model that works neither for the majority of people nor for the planet.”

The Autumn School 2014 – in continuation of previous years’ Summer Schools – will focus on land and resource rights, specifically tackling issues of privatization of public spaces and access to water. It will also discuss questions of decentralization, ownership, and participation in natural resources management, as well as the relation between Gender and access to natural resources. The methodology will be varied, including lectures, working groups, round table discussions, workshops and others.


This Autumn School inter alia addresses junior professionals, postgraduates, activists, and researchers working at NGO’s, civil society organizations, think tanks or other institutions from Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The age range is between 23 and 35 years.