We have been asked by the editor of Afaq-el-Bee’a wa El-Tanmiya to advise our readers of the e-magaine. The editor writes as follows:

“Afaq-el-Bee’a wa El-Tanmiya is a leading Palestinian environmental e-magazine that discusses important environmental and developmental issues in the oPt. The magazine addresses environmental issues and phenomena within Palestinian and the Middle East, and monitors the hostile environmental practices of the Israeli occupation. The magazine, which is published in Arabic, has become an important platform for constructive dialogue. It is informative on various environmental issues and provides a communication platform between all stakeholders who are keen to protect the environment and make the earth a more liveable place.

“About the current edition:

The focus of this current edition, September 2014, is on highlighting the ecological, political, and humanitarian dimensions of the environmental destruction committed by the occupation in the Gaza Strip. In addition, the magazine highlights the ongoing campaigns to isolate the occupation and boycott their products by having links to special radio broadcasting about “Fighting Consumerism: Between Environmental Dogma and Economics Resistance” and a TV session discussing the prospects of building a resistant Palestinian economy. The September edition of the magazine can be read at www.maan-ctr.org/magazine.”