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Thematic articles: Natural Resources and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Environment, Society and Security: Interrelated Challenges in the Middle East

by Erzsebet Rozsa

Israel’s Obligations Concerning Natural Resources According to the International Law

by Nida Kamhawi-Bitar

Israeli Gas Exports as a Vehicle for Enhancing Regional Cooperation

by Alon Liel and by Amit Mor

Natural Resources, Palestine-Israel and Regional Peace

by Johan Galtung

The Role of Development Cooperation in the Conflict Over Palestinian Land

by Jakob Rieken

Water: Cause of Conflict or Cause of Peace?

by Franklin M. Fisher

Review of Water Legislation from the Pre-British Mandate Period through the Israeli Occupation

by Amer Marei and by Imad Abu-Kishk

Lessons from the Global Environmental Movement: Implications for Peace in Israel-Palestine

by Itamar Cohn

Leveraging Environmental Data to Promote Cooperation Toward Integrated Watershed Management in the Hebron/Besor Watershed

by Jennifer Holzer and by Clive Lipchin

Mosquitoes Don’t Carry Visas: Walls, Environments and the Hope for Cooperation in Palestine/Israel

by Christine Leuenberger and by Ahmad El-Atrash

Blair’s Missing Peace: Solar Power for (Energy) Independence

by Yosef I. Abramowitz

Israel’s Cash Cow: Natural Resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

by Susan Power and by Elisabeth Koek

Water Quality as Indicator of Gender Equity in Palestinian Rural Areas: Case Study Kur Village in the Tulkarem District

by Hanadi Bader

Forging a Water Agreement — Right Now! —for Israelis and Palestinians

by David B. Brooks and by Julie Trottier

Al-‘Eizariya (Bethany) and the Wall: From the Quasi-Capital of Palestine to An Arab Ghetto

by Safa Dhaher

Natural Resources and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

by Hillel Schenker

How the Occupation Affects Palestinian Natural Resources

by Dr. Yousef Abu Safieh