Beirut, 02/17/2015

The Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) is conducting a public opinion survey on consumption patterns in Arab countries, focusing on three main resources: energy, water and food, which are in nexus with climate change.

A team of experts will prepare a special study based on the results from each country, in addition to the regional results that will be published in AFED’s eighth annual report, which will focus on consumption patterns in Arab countries and their impact on resources and the environment.

The public at large can participate in the survey online through the website until 15 May 2015. Six travel tickets and accommodation will be awarded to six participants who will be selected by lot, to attend AFED annual conference in October 2015.

The seven reports on the Arab state of environment, published by AFED since 2008, have shown that good management of resources and protecting the environment require a major adjustment in consumption patterns. The reports have comprehensively identified the problems, recommended solutions, and emphasized the need for more sustainable patterns in the production and consumption of energy, water and food. AFED’s 2015 report will be based on the results of these previous reports, and will focus on “how” rather than “what”.

The Arab public opinion survey will be conducted in cooperation with AFED media partners and through social media. The results will be analyzed in collaboration with a Gallup-certified polling company.

Participation in the survey from all Arab countries, and for Arabs living abroad, is through the website

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