BEIRUT: A controversial cement factory that was set to be built in Zahle will be relocated to another area, Bishop Issam Darwish announced Wednesday.

The planned cement factory, which has been met with widespread opposition for Zahle residents and officials over health and environmental concerns, will now be relocated after an agreement was reached with the head of the project, Pierre Fattouch, Archbishop of the Greek Catholic diocese of Zahle and Forzol Issam Darwish said in a news conference Wednesday.

The new location of the factory has yet to be disclosed.

The announcement comes three days after Zahle MP’s held a joint news conference, announcing that they would continue to oppose the construction of the factory despite the Shura Counil’s approval of the project.

The MPs argued that local officials and residents in Zahle are opposed the plan out of health and environmental concerns. They added that the environmental problems would not only affect the city of Zahle, but the entire district as well, and called on the Shura Council to reevaluate its decision.

The original decision to allow the construction of the cement factory by businessman Pierre Fattoush was made last October. Local citizens and influential politicians have since pressured the municipality to revoke its decision.

The project received national attention last December when more than a dozen gunmen loyal to Pierre Fattoush assaulted an Al-Jadeed reporter and cameraman as they were wrapping up a report about the plant.