BEIRUT: An environmental scout group Friday found a sea turtle washed up on the shore of Mina in Tripoli, north Lebanon, after it became trapped inside a fishing net and drowned.

State-run National News Agency said the Caretta Caretta was over one meter long and 80 cm wide and aged approximately 25 years.

Head of the Marine Environmental Monitoring Center urged environmental organizations to intensify awareness campaigns, “particularly since sea turtles are endangered and rarely seen on the shores of Lebanon after the July [2006] war.”

The discovery was the fourth this year of a dead sea turtle washing up on the country’s coast, and the second in Mina in less than a month.

In February a dead sea turtle believed to be more than 50 years old washed up on a the short of Tyre in south Lebanon, after apparently choking on plastic grocery bags it mistook for jellyfish.