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The issue 32 has been released on April 2015 and entitled “Feeding Expo Milano 2015 with Mediterranean Perspectives”.

The Document compiles a series of 18 articles dealing with innovative indicators and initiatives for Food Security in the Mediterranean countries. Particular attention has been paid to good practices, adaptation to climate change, sustainable food consumption models and agro-food chains.

contents (available for download) include:

Feeding the Mediterranean Through Knowledge

Food security in Arab countrie: efficiency, productivity and shifting dietary habits

Produire mieux en s’adaptant au changement climatique: des groupements paysans au Maghreb s’engagent dans des agro-systèmes innovants

Sharing Knowledge Agrofood networks, a Portuguese project

The Ecological Footprint of Mediterranean Diets

Metrics of Sustainable Diets and Food Systems: insights from a multi-institutional research partnership

Sustainability of typical quality products for food and nutrition security in the Mediterranean: Lessons from the case of Apulia region in Italy

Food Security and its Measurement in Egypt

La durabilité des filières alimentaires : des pistes d’action à partir du programme FLONUDEP

Assessment of sustainable food security in the Mediterranean with an aggregated indicator

Sécurité alimentaire: orientation de la politique publique portugaise et défis à l’élaboration d’indicateurs

Food reformulation: more healthy nutrients and food consciousness

L’agriculture et l’enjeu de l’innovation: dimensions générales et éclairage méditerranéen

Microalgae for biofuels: the Portuguese experience

Crop monitoring and yield forecasting at global level: The GLOBCAST project from the European Commission

Assessing and Advancing Food Security in Lebanon: Innovative Initiatives at the American University of Beirut

Governance of food and nutrition security: Impact assessment and accountability within the Committee on World Food Security