BEIRUT: Jbeil’s politicians highlighted Thursday the need to limit health and environmental damages caused by a landfill in the town of Hbaline. Amchit and other neighboring towns like Hbaline and Gherfine have long been suffering from the hazardous effects of the landfill, Amchit Mayor Antoine Issa said, vowing to stop it. Issa and environmental activist Vivi Kallab held a news conference in the vicinity of the landfill to protest the harmful effects on the public health and environment, as well as sporadic fires caused by the landfill. “The municipal police are preventing trucks from dumping waste there until a radical solution for this dilemma is reached,” Issa said. A committee was formed to follow up and find sustainable solutions to the problem.

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Daily Star on May 01, 2015, on page 3.