AMMAN — Amid rising temperatures, the Aqaba Bird Observatory (ABO) called on the public to help birds this summer by putting bowls of water on rooftops, or in their gardens and balconies.

Under the “provide water, have mercy” campaign, the ABO, which is responsible for the monitoring and protection of birds, highlighted that high temperatures negatively affect bird populations, especially migratory birds, and urged people to provide birds with water during hot spells.

The country was affected by a hot air mass this week that pushed temperatures to their upper thirties in the capital and mid-forties in the Jordan Valley Aqaba, 330km south of Amman.

“When people put water for birds on their window sills, balconies or gardens, they provide them with a source to hydrate during hot weather. In addition, placing water for birds reduces the distance they have to travel in their quest for water to quench their thirst,” ABO Director Feras Rahahleh told The Jordan Times.

Providing water for birds is particularly important during this time of the year because of the spring migratory season, which is about to end, he said.

“Migration is a very exhausting process for birds as they travel long distances. The heat and lack of water sources cause extra fatigue for birds and can cause them to collapse,” Rahahleh noted.

During the spring migration season, which started in February, more than 1.5 million birds cross the country as they travel from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, returning to north Asia and Europe, according to the ABO director.

The Kingdom’s unique location along the Rift Valley-Red Sea route, one of the world’s most important bird migration routes and the second most-used flyway, makes its nature reserves a vital habitat for many migrating birds during the spring and autumn migration seasons.
“We want to encourage people to care for animals, and especially birds,” Rahahleh said.