Oct 14,2015

Water Ministry personnel recently inspect a tunnel in Qastal where illegal water fixtures were installed on a main carrier (Petra photo)

AMMAN — The Water Ministry has detected a “major” violation on water resources in the Qastal area, which was implemented through digging a tunnel underneath the service street near the airport road.

The incident in Qastal, some 30km south of Amman, was discussed during a Cabinet session on Wednesday to review the Water Ministry’s efforts in preserving water resources and halting violations on them, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The agency quoted a source as saying that ministry personnel had been monitoring the area based on a tip they received.

The ministry coordinated with the prosecutor general, who headed a campaign to the location with security personnel and in coordination with the Public Works Ministry, and blocked the road for inspection.

The violation entailed installing a four-inch (10.6cm) carrier to siphon water from the 32-inch (81.3cm) main below the service road towards Amman and pumping more than 2,400 cubic metres of water a day of subscribers’ share through a 5km-long pipe.

The tunnel where the illegal fixture was installed was fortified with cement and steel, with the suspects being careless to the dangers such tunnels could cause on the busy artery, which runs parallel to the airport road, Petra reported.

Jiza prosecutor general and technical teams on site tracked the carrier to a farm with a huge pool that can accommodate more than 10,000 cubic metres of stolen water.

A raid of the farm revealed that it was also equipped with pumps to convey water to other pools, in addition to special places to fill tankers with the goal of selling water illegally, Petra added.

Evidence was collected from the scene and the farm’s owner was identified ahead of taking the necessary legal measures against him and other involved suspects.

Technical teams dismantled the illegal fixtures, Petra reported.

The Water Authority of Jordan’s Law stipulates that those who abuse water carriers and mains, wastewater, pumping, purification or desalination stations; or cause the pollution of water resources, pipes or stations used for drinking water; and dig or are involved in the digging of wells without obtaining a licence, will be jailed for up to five years and fined up to JD7,000.

In addition, violators of water and wastewater projects will be jailed for up to three years and fined up to JD5,000, according to the law’s recent amendments.
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