AMMAN — The job of street cleaners at municipalities around the Kingdom, is classified as a “hazardous” profession, Social Security Corporation (SSC) Spokesperson Musa Sbeihi said Saturday.

Citing the list of dangerous professions included with the insurance benefits by-law issued under the SSC Law, Sbeihi said in a statement that the Greater Amman Municipality and other municipalities around the Kingdom must supply the SSC with the names of street cleaners and their wages.

Moreover, he said municipalities should also pay an additional 1 per cent for the subscription of each street cleaner in accordance with the law.

The current SSC Law allows subscribers who work in dangerous professions, whether male or female, to apply for early retirement if they finish their services after the age of 45, according to Sbeihi.

He added that those applying for an early pension should also have paid at least 180 subscriptions for females and 216 for males.

They should have also been working in the dangerous profession for no less than 60 months during the 10 years preceding the application.

The SSC started applying the regulations related to early pension for workers in dangerous professions in March 2015 when the corporation’s insurance benefits by-law was published in the Official Gazette, Sbeihi noted.

He said the SSC defines hazardous jobs as those that could harm the health or life of the subscriber as a result of dangerous conditions in the workplace despite the implementation of professional health and safety standards.
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