The Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) produced four short documentaries on the topics of: Desert (Manmade Deserts), Seas (Seas Support Life), Waste (Solid Waste) and Air (The Air We Breathe). Several prominent Arab experts participated in these documentaries, which are intended for television, awareness campaigns and education programs.

The documentaries have been made available to the public on YouTube, and distributed to national and regional TV networks. The duration of these short documentaries ranges between 4-6 minutes.

These are in addition to the environmental educational documentaries already produced by AFED, which include: “Testimony of an Old Man” in 2008, “Wet and Dry” in 2009, “The Last Drop” in 2010, “Green Change” in 2011, “Survival Options” in 2012, “Powering the Arab Future,” in 2013 and “Feeding 400 Million Arabs” in 2014.

To watch and download: