By Mohammad Ghazal – Apr 17,2016

Source: MCT

AMMAN — Electric and hybrid taxis offering rides on the country’s streets will charge fares that are at least 25 per cent less than gasoline run-taxis, according to Noor Jordan for Transport — Taxi Moumayaz, the first company to introduce electric taxis in the country.

“We have already replaced 400 gasoline-run taxis with 100 electric vehicles and 300 hybrid vehicles, and the new cabs are already operating,” Eid Abu Al Haj, chairman of the company, said Sunday.

“The fare will be less as these hybrid cars use less gasoline and electric cars do not use gasoline at all. Therefore, the drop in cost will result in lower fares for passengers,” said Abu Al Haj.

The electric cars will be charged at several charging stations, he added, noting that a number of solar-powered charging station will be built soon by several entities.

The company, he added, is planning to increase the number of electric and hybrid cars.

“We are ready to increase the number of vehicles if demand rises,” Abu Al Haj added.

In 2015, the government announced that it has started a multi-phased project to switch the bulk of its public sector fleet to energy-efficient and eco-friendly electric vehicles.

The project’s first phase was launched in October 2015, with the introduction of 300 vehicles.

Following an assessment of the first phase, the government plans to gradually replace all 20,000 public sector vehicles in service with electric cars, saving an estimated JD25-28 million annually.

Facts on electric cars

• According to feasibility studies conducted during a pilot period, the cost of recharging electric vehicles consuming less than 750 kilowatts is between JD2.5 and JD15 per full charge

• Tested electric vehicles travel 120-400km per full charge depending on vehicle type, while charging needs between 20 minutes and eight hours depending on capacity and charger type

• The journey from Amman to Aqaba costs JD10-17 in electric vehicles compared to JD35-50 in gasoline-powered vehicles

• The annual maintenance of gasoline vehicles costs between JD200-JD400 while for electric vehicles it is JD70
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