Monday, 16 May 2016

Dubai is building a sewerage network under its streets, replacing more than 121 pumping stations in a $3.4bln project expected to take five years to complete, UAE daily Gulf News reported.

The system works using gravity to transport sewage underground to the processing plant – rather than pumping stations.

Director-general of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Nasser Lootah said the new tunnel network would help significantly reduce the cost to the Emirate with the replacement of the existing pumping stations which run off electricity and require heavy maintenance, the newspaper report added.

And he said he hoped this project will transform Dubai into a ‘sustainable and environment-friendly city’. Adding that the sewers would also help reduce carbon emissions by 30%.

“Imagine a 90 meter tunnel, that is almost the size of a 30-floor building,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

And he said this system was already tried and tested around the world.

“This plan is 50 years ahead, and will be able to accommodate any future growth in Dubai. Due to its large size, it is also very easy to connect any new projects to it. ” he said.

“According to our cost-analysis studies we believe the cost of this project will be recovered in 20 years. Dubai’s infrastructure needs to be of a high quality,” Lootah said.