By Laila Azzeh – Jun 07,2016

AMMAN — Nearly 10,000 students in the badia region will be the target of a one-year project that seeks to raise their environmental awareness.

Under the project, part of the Environment Ministry’s environmental compensation programme, experts will develop the environmental knowledge of students, teachers and the local community in the northern, central and southern badia regions.

The Hashemite Fund for Development of Jordan Badia on Tuesday signed an agreement with the education and environment ministries to implement the scheme in 100 schools.

Sharifa Zein Al Sharaf Bint Nasser, the chairperson of the fund’s board of trustees, underlined the importance of the programme, under which seminars, lectures and workshops will be carried out to change students’ environmental perspectives and help them protect the area’s vegetation.

“The project is committed to applying smart tools that are in-line with new technologies to keep students entertained and focused,” Fund Director Raed Al Tabini told The Jordan Times.

Exhibitions will be held in six schools to familiarise students with biodiversity and connect them more with their surroundings, he said.

“The ultimate goal of the project is to create a new generation that is environmentally savvy and aware of the importance of maintaining the biodiversity of the badia,” Tabibi highlighted.

The agreement was signed by Sharifa Zein, Deputy Prime Minister for Services and Education Minister Mohammad Thneibat and Environment Minister Yassin Khayat.

The Hashemite Fund for the Development of Jordan Badia was established in 2003 by Royal Decree with the objective of developing the badia.

The overall aim of the fund is to improve socio-economic conditions in the badia by building the capacities of local communities, and by implementing well-planned projects in various relevant sectors.