Ashkelon desalination facility has been distrupted for years as masses of Gazan sewage has piled up; Israeli Electric Corporation is planning on supplying Gaza’s sewage treatment plant with power to reduce the level of pollution washing up on Israel’s shores.
Amir Ben-David|Published: 07.06.16

Israel will increase its supply of electricity to Gaza to enable the Palestinians to operate the Strip’s new sewage treatment facility. Its operations are expected to lower the level of sea water pollution, which could also benefit a desalination plant in the nearby Israeli city of Ashkelon. Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Yuval Steinitz recently officially approved the new initiaitive.

The Ashkelon desalination plant’s operations have been disrupted several time in the past few months due to heavy water pollution, which is believed to have resulted from the massive sewage dumps from the Gaza Strip area.

The Palestinians have constructed a large sewage treatment plant in northern Gaza with the aid of the World Bank, but the consistency of its operations have been hampered by shortages in the supply of electricity. Thus, sewage has been flowing into the sea, occasionally reaching Israeli shores.

The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) claims that it informed the Energy Ministry about the Palestinian request for assistance three years ago. However, the Ministry claims it was only been aware of the issue recently, when it was publicized in the media.,7340,L-4813104,00.html