Residents of the Mount Lebanon town of Ain Dara gathered on Wednesday in the area of Dahr al-Baydar at the request of the town’s municipal chief to protest against the establishment of a cement plant in the town, the National News Agency reported.

The people banned cement mixer vehicles from entering the village, NNA added.

Fouad Haidamous, municipal chief of Ain Dara said: “The municipal council respects the law and will be closing down all illegal quarries. It will work on banning the establishment of a cement factory.”

Pierre Fattoush, a brother of MP Nicolas Fattoush, wants to establish a huge project and cement factory in the outskirts of Ain Dara that lies in the geographic scope of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve.

Residents of Ain Dara in addition to its municipal council have organized environmental, social and political campaigns to counter this step.