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Editor Message – Special Issue on Water – This Week in Palestine
By: Tina Basem

In this issue you will be enlightened about the water shortage that affects both the West Bank and Gaza. But you might be surprised to learn that the reason behind this shortage is not so much an absence of rain – even though we have had a few years with less-than-ideal rainfall in winter. It is interesting to note that Ramallah receives more rain than notoriously rainy London, Edinburgh, or Dublin, and about as much as Rome, Berlin, and Frankfurt.*

The articles examine many aspects of the ways in which water is distributed in Palestine. One author suggests that it is used as a weapon in what she describes as a water war, while others expose methods used by settlers to take over Palestinian springs that support livelihoods by turning them into recreational and tourist attractions. And still others explain how the Palestinian government is working to improve water services and sector regulation, or show how KAIROS and the Christian religious community are supporting Palestinian water rights and raising international awareness. You will hear different accounts regarding the severe problems facing Gaza in articles that explain the natural conditions that contribute to water scarcity, show their historical roots and social and political causes, and provide contrary assessments regarding plans to supply safe drinking water to Gazans via desalination. More personal accounts talk of the disappearance of the Dead Sea or of the possibility to make use of alternative hair-care products to replace missing water.

Our personality of the month is a strong advocate of water rights and a positive driving force in improving water and wastewater service provision. Our artist of the month uses water prepared in an unconventional way as a medium for artistic expression, and our book of the month explores in haunting images the history and present reality of Palestine.

So take a break from hard work, find a shady place (or is it harder to find a dry one?), and enjoy another issue filled with information on one of the most beautiful and special places on earth. If you enjoy a bit of a challenge, find the comparisons between Palestine and Manhattan or London that are hidden in two of our articles, and be the first to let us know where they are.

From the entire team of TWIP, we wish a blessed Eid al-Fitr to all those who are celebrating, and to everyone a safe and peaceful summer!

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