Suzanna Goussous – Aug 21,2016

AMMAN — Around 1,000 palm trees have been planted in Zizya, in south Amman, to develop the area’s green spaces and encourage environmental awareness, the local mayor said on Sunday.

Turki Fayez, the mayor of Al Jizah Municipality, said the palm trees were planted to fulfil His Majesty the late King Hussein’s vision for a green Jordan.

“We have been working for almost a year to accomplish His Majesty’s dream, by adding more trees to beautify the area and to make the city more visually appealing to its residents and visitors,” Fayez told The Jordan Times.

The municipality hopes that planting new trees will discourage littering, the mayor added.

“The municipality seeks to encourage better behaviour among residents. This includes preserving the city’s beauty by banning littering,” he said.

“We hope the scene of trees and nature itself will discourage residents and motorists from littering in the area.”

The municipality is in a desert-like area, Fayez said, adding that the palm trees could help protect the climate and promote environmental causes among locals.

Architect Ammar Khammash said the newly planted trees are a “radical change” to the city’s environment.

In a post on his Facebook page, Khammash wrote that the municipality had changed from an area plagued by dust and pollution to “a unique oasis that will benefit the next generations”.