Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb announced on Monday that the work has kicked off to open tenders related to the establishment of landfills, as he assured that the trash crisis will not be returning back.

“The garbage will not be returning back to the streets of the capital, nor to the coast. We have started opening the tenders under the guidance of Prime Minister Tammam Salam,” said Shehayyeb from the location where the Costa Brava landfill will be established.

The Minister stressed that the Council for Development and Reconstruction is perfectly doing its role.

In March, the cabinet approved a four-year plan to collect the garbage from the streets of Beirut and to open the Bourj Hammoud landfill that lies north of Beirut and the Costa Brava which is located south of the capital, pending a permanent solution.

The Naameh landfill was also opened for only two month and took in thousands of tons of trash.

Lebanon witnessed a months long trash crisis that began in July 2015 when the Naameh landfill that received the trash of Beirut and Mount Lebanon was closed.

Rubbish has piled up on beaches, in mountain forests and river beds across Lebanon.