The Southern shores of the Mediterranean are among the world’s most water-scarce areas, with more than 150 million people facing water stress. According to the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), this figure is set to rise by a further 80-100 million by 2025. The effects of climate change, including more extreme phenomena like droughts and floods, are likely to exacerbate the situation, both in the south and north of the Mediterranean. To cope with the demand resulting from the region’s rapid population growth and diversified economies, an important set of water and wastewater projects are planned with over $116.9bn worth of across the region. Some ongoing initiative or major impact projects focus on this main regional priority, such as the H2020 initiative to depollute the Mediterranean, which aims to tackle 80% of pollution loading by 2020 or the UN Water Security and the Global Water Agenda, which is designed around the four pillars of water governance, water and climate change adaptation, water demand management and water financing. A dedicated forum on water organised during the 10th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (Barcelona, 30th Nov. – 2nd Dec. 2016) will tackle these issues. The event will explore programmes rolled out including a region wide integrated water resource management strategy, demand management, water generation, wastewater treatment and reuse projects, as well as international best practice implemented to achieve water efficiency and sustainability. A total of 9 thematic forums will be held during these 3 days.