According to a recent report, Israel has the highest percentage of students studying social and environmental science in the OECD; meanwhile, the Jewish state comes in dead last in terms of students studying architecture.
Gad Lior|Published: 12.11.16

Israel has come in first place amongst all 32 OECD countries in the percentage of people who study social and environmental sciences in higher education.

Meanwhile, the Jewish state comes in fourth in terms percentage of students who study law, and 12th in terms of people who study education.

However, Israel comes in second-to-last place when it comes to service industry and manufacturing degrees, and dead last in percentage of students studying to be architects.

Also, despite Israel being a high-tech powerhouse, it is only in 14th place when it comes to percentage of students studying math, statistics, and computer science.

Israel is also in 14th place in terms of the number of people who study life sciences, and the 18th place in terms of studying the humanities.

The Israeli Chief Economist noted that the last several years has seen a significant rise in the number of people studying medicine and other paramedical professions, such as nursing.

There has also been a rise in the number of people studying computer studies. The numbers of students studying law, biology, and engineering has remained stable, while students studying for their MBA and management degrees have gone down.,7340,L-4877899,00.html