Industrial waste from Palestinian-administers areas has been particularly harmful recently due to a lack of rain.
Zafrir Rinat Oct 31, 2016

Sewage from West Bank areas administered by the Palestinian Authority has been polluting streams inside Israel for years.

Last week the problem led for the first time to a beach being closed in the Netanya area, near the mouth of the Alexander River.

The Health Ministry ordered the Beit Yannai beach shut on Thursday citing pollution by sewage spilling out from olive oil production plans in the Nablus region of the West Bank.

Water quality tests yielded no extraordinary finds but additional tests were ordered and the beach was shut through the weekend.

The olive harvest began this month and the processing plants in the Nablus area are streaming the liquid byproducts into natural streams. The sewage contains a high concentration of various pollutants. The sewage flows through Israel’s Alexander River, and last week it polluted the area of a national park near Beit Yannai.

“This year there’s a great olive harvest and therefore a great quantity of sewage,” Nisim Almon, director of the Sharon region’s drainage system.
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