By Rula Samain – Nov 12,2016

AMMAN — Media outlets play the role of communicator between specialists and the public on environmental issues, and can thus make people more environmentally responsible, sector specialists said on Saturday.

Speaking at a workshop on environmental awareness among media organisations, Nabil Sharif, the director of the Imdad Media Centre (IMC), said the press can shape public opinion and spread environmental awareness, noting that it is part of its civic responsibility.

The former media minister said Jordan has been involved in various initiatives to protect the environment but the media has not played a major role.

“Media should take responsibility and play a leading role in protecting the environment,” he added.

Sharif told The Jordan Times that environmental matters are perceived as secondary issues.

“Media can play an important role in affecting public behaviour by making individuals more responsible towards their environment.”

The workshop, which hosted representatives from 20 media outlets, was organised by the Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the IMC.

Also speaking at the event, Minister of Environment Yaseen Khayyat said that protecting the environment is society’s responsibility, noting that the ministry strives to update its strategies with the aim of inspiring a personal sense of environmental responsibility among the public.

Journalist Yassin Qaissi told The Jordan Times on the sideline of the event that such workshop are important to encourage the press to be more involved in reporting on environmental issues.