by Suzanna Goussous – Dec 17,2016

AMMAN — After resuming the municipality’s work on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in 2013, the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) officials on Saturday said the project has now received JD40 million as the second tranche of financing.

Ahmad Malkawi, deputy city manager for public works at the GAM, said the French Agency for Development provided the Kingdom with a loan of JD40 million to resume the BRT project.

The down payment received in 2013, which amounted to JD14 million, funded the first stage of work, he said, including the lane on University (Queen Rania) Street, Princess Basma Street and Al Dawriyyat Street.

The first payment required the team working on the project to meet the standards set by the French agency, including producing sketches, financial models and infrastructure details for the project, Malkawi said.

“The Dawriyyat workplan, which is the most recent, started in October of this year and is expected to be ready in April 2017,” he told The Jordan Times.

The multimillion-dinar project entails operating premium, high-capacity buses that can carry more than 120 passengers and will run on a three-minute frequency during peak hours on segregated lanes along Amman’s busiest corridors.

The project implemented on Queen Rania Street started in 2009 and the work was suspended until the down payment was received in 2013, with the work on Princess Basma Street implemented from 2015 to 2016.

It will cover almost 25km from the capital’s crowded streets.

The project’s plans were proposed by GAM, in cooperation with the ministries of public works and transport to implement the Amman-Amman, Amman-Zarqa and Amman-Zarqa-Amman routes by the end of 2018.

BRT’s main station will be in Sweileh area, near Queen Rania Street, Malkawi said, noting that it will be linked to the Sports City Circle.

The BRT route also includes the King Abdullah II Park, the 5th Circle, Shmeisani, Shaheed Street, Prince Hamzah Street and Istiqlal Street, linked to Al Mahatta in eastern Amman.

No full road closures are planned in the capital for the project, according to the GAM; however, some detours will be announced when needed.

“The project is located in the centre of the city, on its main streets. It’s residents have the right to enjoy their city and to have new projects in it. This transport system will benefit the people for at least the next 20 years,” Malkawi added.