AMMAN — Central Electricity Generating Company (CEGCO) has contributed to financing a solar cell installation project for electricity generation at several mosques across the Kingdom in collaboration with the Awqaf Ministry, as well as the committees of the chosen mosques, the company said in a statement released on Sunday.

The step “corresponds” with CEGCO’s “belief in the importance of remaining abreast of the positive developments that improve energy efficiency, lower electric bills and encourage the use of clean energy sources”.

The project was implemented at Adham Mosque in Khalda, Amman, Al Khairat Mosque in Mafraq, Qutayba Ibn Muslim Mosque in Balqa’s Ain Al Basha, and Asim Ibn Thabit Mosque and Al Rahman Mosque in Zarqa’s Hashemiyeh. The project aims to secure the mosques’ electricity needs and allow them to achieve self-sufficiency in light of the annual increase in demand for electricity in the Kingdom.