EcoPeace Middle East would like to share with you several new publications that were recently distributed during our Regional Annual Water Conference. The conference, entitled “Water Security and Sustainable Development for our Common Future” brought together 300 high level national decision makers from Jordan, Israel and Palestine, residents and mayors from cross-border communities, international stakeholders and media, in 2 days of presentations and discussions. Access to water and water security issues was the focus of the first day of discussions, with a special focus on Israeli / Palestinian water issues. The Jordan Valley and River rehabilitation was the focus of the second day and included the participation of transboundary basin commissioners from around the world (U.S., Mexico, Germany, South Africa and Balkan States) who shared their experiences and lessons learned.

1) FULL CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS – including extremely important quotes from high level decision makers on regional water concerns. [ ]

2) Community Based Problem Solving on Water Issues 2016 – This publication describes the 2016 efforts of EcoPeace’s “Good Water Neighbors” project team to identify environmental challenges and provide feasible solutions for “Priority Initiatives” in the participating communities. [$%5E~Community_Based_Problem_Solving_Nov_2016_Final.pdf]

3) Governance Structures for Transboundary Water Management in the Jordan Basin – This report was commissioned by EcoPeace Middle East for the benefit of a wide range of stakeholders concerned with designing and establishing a future basin governance structure for the Lower Jordan River. Through review and discussion of the information and experiences collected here, riparian stakeholders can explore issues and options related to governance structure, basin instruments, mandate, dispute mechanisms, financing and specifically how a future Jordan River basin structure might be shaped. [$%5E~Governance_structures_Jordan_Basin_SIWI.pdf]