MP says law should include regulations on energy deals

By Jassar Al Tahat – Mar 07,2017

AMMAN — The Lower House on Tuesday voted to send the draft natural resources law back to its energy committee for further examination.

MP Ali Khalaileh (Zarqa, 2nd District), head of the energy committee, explained that “the law amendments recommended by the committee have been studied thoroughly”.

A number of MPs criticised the bill, describing it as “incomprehensive” and requiring further study.

MP Khaled Bakkar (Irbid, 4th District) said that “the law should address the deals regarding the Kingdom’s resources; we do not know how these deals will be regulated”.

Karak Deputy Mohammad Atayqah stated that “the law did not address the effect that mining and extraction have on the environment”.

“I suggest that the health and the environment committees should be included in the meeting on this bill,” he added.

For his part, MP Ibrahim Bani Hani (Irbid, 1st District) said: “I noticed the absence of the Ministry of Environment in this law.”

“Quarries, mining and extraction works do pose a hazard to nature,” added Bani Hani.

In response, Energy Minister Ibrahim Saif said that regarding the impact on the environment, we resort to the environment protection law”.

Tuesday’s session was relatively short and lasted around 23 minutes.