After court orders that the ammonia chemicals facility in Haifa Bay be emptied and shut down amid fears that its poisonous contents constitute a threat to the residents, hundreds of workers, whose jobs now hang in the balance, stage yet another protest and urge Netanyahu to step in and ‘save the workers.’

Itay Blumenthal, Raanan Ben Zur, Roi Yanovsky and Ahiya Raved|Published: 02.04.17 , 12:26
Hundreds of Haifa chemical workers blocked the Geha Interchange on Route 4 on Sunday morning, in yet another protest against the closure of the ammonia chemicals facility in the Haifa Bay, which threatens to imperil the jobs of hundreds of workers.

The demonstrators, two of whom were arrested, called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to intervene in the crisis to prevent the implementation of a court-ordered decision to empty the facility, and effectively terminate its operations.

After one hour however, the people were moved on as traffic activity resumed.

Last week, the workers blocked off the Azrieli Interchange in Tel Aviv, causing major disruptions to the flow of traffic in the area.

The activists are continuing their struggle, criticizing what they have described as “foot-dragging and lack of immediate solutions” to the crisis.

Claiming that the closure of the facility will place 1,500 workers in danger of losing their jobs on the eve of Passover, one protester urged the prime minister to step in to broker a solution to the debacle.

“We call upon the prime minister to intervene. You hold the key to a solution. Only you can save the workers. Prime minister – intervene,” said the protester.

For 1,500 workers and their families, time is rapidly running out, added another man present at the demonstration.

“This Passover we are all unemployed. No one cares for the 1,500 workers and their families who are being thrown into the street,” he vented. “No one cares about the collapse of a wonderful factory that (brings in) 2.8 billions dollars each years.”

(Translated and edited by Alexander J. Apfel),7340,L-4943857,00.html