This is a toolkit intended to help multi-faith communities around the world learn about the condition of
the Jordan River and join the efforts to rehabilitate the once mighty river.

The first section describes the demise of the Jordan River, what went wrong, and why it matters. The
second section provides a compilation of writings about the place of the Jordan River in the Christian,
Jewish and Muslim traditions, the sacredness of water, and the spiritual dimension of protecting and
rehabilitating the natural world. Three essays about the state of the river and the role of multi-faith
communities in its rehabilitation have been included in the toolkit. You will also find sacred texts, prayers
and essays. You are welcome to use these works as the basis for your own presentations, workshops or
sermons or to adapt them to suit your audiences.

Section three includes sample lesson plans and questions to assist educators in designing programs for
a wide range of age groups. The final pages contain suggestions for how your community can support
regional efforts to rehabilitate the Jordan River. We hope that you will urge decision makers to join in the
revitalization of the Jordan. Additional resources to support awareness campaigns and plan visits to the
river are available at

Similar toolkits were previously designed specifically for Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities and
are available in Arabic, Hebrew and English at