By Hana Namrouqa – Jul 31,2017

MMAN — Authorities have removed eleven allegedly illegal pipelines, which were diverting water from a spring in Wadi Al Seer to underground reservoirs, an official said on Monday.

The suspected violator had also reportedly diverted water from the Wadi Al Seer stream to fill up tankers and sell water to people, the official said.

“Multiple crimes are involved in this violation; mainly abuse of a water source and selling water to people that is unfit for human consumption,” the official from the Ministry of Water Irrigation told The Jordan Times.

In addition to removing the eleven allegedly illegal pipelines, authorities have also demolished two underground reservoirs, according to the official who preferred to remain unnamed.

Teams from the Water Authority of Jordan have worked until Sunday night to remove the reportedly illegal installations, the official said, adding that the reservoirs were sealed with rubble and concrete.

“Authorities are now tracking down the alleged suspect,” he added.

In light of recurring cases of water from the Wadi Al Seer stream being sold as drinking water, the Public Security Department has deployed permanent patrols in different parts of the west Amman to apprehend drivers of water tankers filling up from the stream.

Wadi Al Seer stream originates from several springs in the area, according to officials. Its water is drinkable after it is treated at the Wadi Al Seer treatment plant, which provides residents of the area with their water needs.

The stream is also a vital source of irrigation for farmers who grow fruits, such as pomegranate and figs.

“Right after removing the illegal pipelines, readings showed that the stream’s flow increased,” the official said.

The ministry on Monday urged the public to be vigilant and asked drivers of tankers to carry with them a stamped document that identifies the source of the water they carry.