Under the supervision of the High Relief Committee and at PM Saad Hariri’s orders, trucks have started Tuesday removing the trash that accumulated on the Keserewan shore after rough waves broke down a faulty retaining wall around a coastal dump just east of Beirut, spilling the trash into the sea.

Maj. Gen Mohammed Kheir, the head of the High Relief Committee stressed that the cleaning process “will continue despite bad weather conditions and in commitment to Hariri’s directions.”

Lebanon’s festering trash crisis came crashing ashore this week, after residents woke up to find a powerful winter storm had laid a mantle of waste at a beach just a minutes’ drive north of the capital, Beirut.

The scenes were a national embarrassment for a country that once prided itself on its sparkling Mediterranean coastline but appears unable to wean itself off the convenience of throwing its trash into the sea.

Kataeb party leader Sami Gemayel blasted the government on Monday over the waste management crisis, announcing that he will take it to “international courts” for polluting the sea with garbage.