Law punishes anyone tampering with electrical system with six-month to two-year imprisonment, JD2,000-JD10,000 fine

By JT – Jul 05,2018

AMMAN — The Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) has announced on Wednesday the detection of 9,756 electricity theft cases, from the beginning of the year until the end of June.

During the same period, 979 electricity violation cases were referred to court, while court verdicts were issued for 1,241 cases, an EMRC statement said.

Chief Commissioner of the EMRC Farouq Hiyari said on Wednesday that the cases were detected through 140,469 periodic and programmed inspection campaigns by the cadres of EMRC in cooperation with the competent authorities, noting that EMRC discovered 4,690 cases, electricity distribution companies spotted 3,614 and 1,115 power thefts were revealed by public security and Gendarmerie department personnel.

Hiyari added that during the first six months of 2018, 979 cases were still pending verdicts in courts.

In the statement, Hiyari stressed that the commission and concerned authorities will continue to strengthen and scale up the inspection campaigns carried out by the commission to combat electricity theft and address attempts to tamper with the electrical system, in order to ensure the security of energy supply, preserve the rights of committed citizens and investors in the sector and contribute to reducing electricity losses.

The law provides that anyone who tampers with the electrical system or is involved in electricity theft faces imprisonment from six months to two years, or a fine between JD2,000 and JD10,000, or both.

Under the law, all those who intentionally vandalise, destroy or hinder the work of power facilities or cause them any damages shall face imprisonment terms between one to three years or a fine ranging between JD2,000 and JD100,000 or both. The penalty can be stiffened if the violation causes danger to public safety.