Jul 19,2018

By personally visiting the so-called Pepsi pool on Tuesday, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz did something that all previous prime minsters did literally nothing about and preferred to put blinds on their eyes in the face of this grave source of danger to health, simply because it is out of sight of the affluent districts of Amman.

By all accounts, the Pepsi pool is a “cesspool” through and through, a source of disease and contamination, and a serious threat to life and environment, literally for decades.

Situated in an area under the joint jurisdiction of the Greater Amman Municipality and Rusaifa Municipality, the pool is a collection of wastewater and sewage. While officials were busy beautifying some selected prime areas of Amman, people living near this pool were left to anguish in their plight and misfortune and forced to subject their lives, including their children’s, to untold filth and contamination.

In retrospect, all officials, including former prime ministers and mayors, should be held accountable for their neglect of this major source of life threatening situation.

Finally it fell on Prime Minister Omar Razzaz to do what former prime ministers and mayors should have done by doing something at last about this danger. Razzaz promised the inhabitants of this part of Amman and Rusaifa to do something tangible within a week.

Razzaz said during his visit to the site that “this is a promise from the government to find a solution that addresses the environmental problem dating back to 30 years”. He also underlined that the government is aware of the suffering of the people living near the “cesspit”, vowing to address the health and environment hazard and turn the environmental hotspot into a park that serves the local community.

Where is a will there is a way and the new prime minister has rolled up his sleeves to solve this decade-long crisis.

We hope to see this long-standing health and environment public hazard addressed.