December 12, 2018

Egypt’s Ministry of Irrigation on Wednesday launched the “Verynile” initiative, which aims to clean the Nile river’s water daily and increase awareness for environmental preservation, in cooperation with the “Baseta” company.

The initiative joins fishermen and special teams under the motto “clean the Nile water…one kilo every time.”

Head of the central administration of awareness and water guidance Hesham Saber said that the ministry also launched several other slogans such as “We will preserve the Nile for our children”, “We will preserve the water for future”, “I swear I will not pollute the Nile water” and “Our Nile is the origin of our civilization…”

The ministry stated that volunteers could apply for participating in the initiative in December 15. Activities will start in the Egyptian Rowing Club in front of Embassy of Russia in Cairo.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

“Verynile” initiative to clean Nile water launched: Irrigation Ministry