JT – Apr 15,2019

AMMAN — The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) on Friday sent a convoy to the south of Jordan to plant trees and support farmers through various agricultural activities.

The initiative brought together 150 volunteers of all ages, an APN statement said.

The convoy operated under the banner of “planting hope”. Its first stop, last Friday, was to a cancer patient’s property in Irbid to plant olive and peach trees to support the patient and his family. Trees were also planted at the Absar Abu Ali Elementary School.

The convoy on Saturday implemented three different agricultural activities, the statement said. The first took place in Central Ghor, where volunteers planted 300 citrus trees on a farmer’s land whose family depends primarily on agriculture for sustenance.

Volunteers also managed to plant 300 olive, grape and peach tree seeds on a retired farmer’s land in Naour. The man suffers from sight issues and must support seven family members, according to the statement.

The last of the initiative’s activities included the participation of students from Wihdat refugee camp, who planted fruit trees in commemoration of their Palestinian villages.