highlights from EcoPeace’s participation at the United Nations Security Council session on the Middle East in New York last month.

EcoPeace’s Co-Directors emphasized the urgency to advance large-scale action on cross border water and environmental issues, highlighting the potential impact this could have on regional security. See for full presentation:

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, from our own governments and other governments around the world, was a strong endorsement of the work we are doing.

Our critical programs:

Good Water Neighbors: Engaging young Palestinians, Israelis and Jordanians to join a cooperative, solution-oriented approach to shared water security issues in the region.

Rehabilitation of the Jordan Valley: Advancing the first-ever regional Jordan Valley Master Plan, encompassing over 100 projects, to rehabilitate the Jordan River and create economic and environmental sustainability in the surrounding valley.

Gaza Crisis: Encouraging policies that help solve the water and energy supply crisis facing two million Palestinians in Gaza, and the cross border implications for Israel and regional security.

Water Energy Nexus: Advancing exchanges of desalinated water and sustainable energy between Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

Program on Water Security: Sharing EcoPeace’s experience and methodology with civil society organizations coping with water stress and conflict worldwide.

Through these programs we turn words into action.