May 12,2019

HRH Crown Prince Hussein has shown the way for other young people on how to keep the country clean and environment friendly, by personally taking part on Saturday in the cleaning up of Husban Forest as part of a national campaign to clean up public parks and touristic and archaeological sites from trash left behind by visitors.

Dubbed as “Baladak Beitak”, meaning your country is your home, the campaign is intended to last until the end of the year, and is being extended in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to “Naddif Hayyak”, meaning clean your neighbourhoood, to broaden the scope of the campaign by contributing to the maintenance of public areas and facilities through the help of youth and students.

Cleaning up the country is no longer a one-day effort, but a continuous endeavour to make Jordan cleaner and greener for nationals and foreigners alike. Jordan’s touristic profile is gaining wide recognition and strength by the day and has become a prime source of national income. Tourists from foreign countries are flocking by the thousands to see the country’s historic wonders, including Petra, Wadi Rum and Ajloun. We must keep it that way!

Moreover many foreign films have been filmed in the country in recognition of its unique landscape. Maintaining this image is a perpetual effort that must be made to keep both the urban areas and the countryside as clean as possible at all times.

The country has a tradition of awakening to this urgently-needed campaign occasionally, but unfortunately all these efforts have been a one-day show only to be forgotten soon after. Now, it seems the campaign is a continuous effort, and with the participation and support of Crown Prince Hussein, it has become a more assertive and effective campaign, joined by young people from all corners of the country.

Words of thanks and appreciation go to HRH Crown Prince Hussein for his personal involvement in the campaign to keep Jordan clean and environment-friendly to nationals and visitors alike. Hopefully, the young generation of Jordanians will pick on the fine example of HRH Crown Prince Hussein in order to perpetuate a new tradition in the country to make Jordan clean in all seasons.

The country needs a thriving culture for picking up trash whenever and wherever it is left behind, and the ongoing effort by the government to do so would no doubt promote this needed with culture by increasing awareness about its value.

What is needed now is to complement this nation-wide campaign with an effort to make Jordan greener. There is no natural or climatic reason why Jordan cannot be a lot more greener by planting trees everywhere possible. The campaign to make Jordan cleaner needs to become cleaner and greener!