Research teams from the Lebanese Army, Civil Defense and the Environment Ministry collected samples on Thursday from the oil leak spotted a day earlier offshore the Jiyeh coastal area, LBCI TV station.

Residents of Jiyeh and Jadra posted photos of sheen offshore.

The sheen was reportedly the result of either a leak from one of the power generating ships or from the EDL thermal plant in Jiyeh.

But Electricte du Liban announced in a statement that it kicked inspections and found no leak from Jiyeh plant.

MP Mohammed Hajjar warned of the “environmental problem” and urged related authorities to take quick measures before the leak expands further.

“A quick response is required on behalf of the ministry of environment, energy, and the (state-owned) Electricite du Liban.”

It was reported that the leak has extended nearly two kilometers from the shore and nearly 200 meters deep